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Samsung's ChatOn instant messaging service hits 100 million registered users


Sure, the potential of BBM on Android was a pretty big deal, but BBM certainly isn't the only popular instant messaging service available. Samsung has just announced that their in-house instant messaging solution, ChatOn, has just hit 100 million registered users, adding 50 million of those in the last four months. Comparatively speaking, BBM has 75 million users. Samsung does measure total registered users as opposed to BBM's daily active users, but since users aren't forced to use ChatOn on any of Samsung's product, it's still impressive that 100 million people at least gave the app a test drive.

Of course, it's not a clean comparison, as ChatOn is available on many feature phones as well as Android and iOS, while BBM is stuck in the dark ages on BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry's numbers may grow once the availability of its app grows, but I'm not sure they're still popular enough to be able to match 50 million new users in four months. Even if they do have an influx of new users, Samsung's solution is gaining steam and doesn't appear to be letting up. It probably won't even surpass WhatsApp's 300 million users, but it's a good place to be regardless.

source: CNET

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