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Plan on Flying? Better Keep Your Phone Charged

MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014 3:42 PM GMT

If you're coming the U.S. from certain international airports, there's about to be a new requirement for you. You'll need to turn your phone or other electronic devices on in order to board your flight.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says the new measure is intended to boost security as threats increase.

Got a dead battery or your device just won't power up? You won't be taking it with you and you may have to go through additional screening.

“As the traveling public knows, all electronic devices are screened by security officers,” the TSA said in the Sunday release announcing the new measures.

This latest measure comes as U.S. intelligence officials fret over renewed terrorist threats to get a bomb undetected through airport security. Such a bomb has not been created yet according to initial indications. The TSA and U.S. officials aren't taking any chances though and are implementing additional measures to help prevent any potential terrorist attacks.

U.S. intelligence officials' biggest concern is a bomb coming to the U.S. on a flight from an international airport. That's why you see the new measure aimed at certain international airports.

The TSA doesn't actually screen passengers at international airports, but they can dictate screening criteria for flights coming to the U.S.

On Sunday's Meet the Press, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson would not speculate about the reason behind the new security measures.

“We continue to evaluate things,” he said. “The screening we have right domestically from one domestic airport to another is pretty robust, as the American traveling public knows. In this instance we felt that it was important to crank it up some at the last point of departure airports and we'll continually evaluate the situation.”

Which airports are seeing the increased screening? That's also not being disclosed.

If you find yourself traveling abroad, just make sure your electronics are charged up when you head to the airport.

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